"I will give you the treasures of darkness
and the hidden riches of secret places that
you may know that I, the Lord"
(Isaiah 45:3).

Precious Stones
                                         By Emad Khoury
Darkness and Treasures
Certainly, the Darkness of our life's times will pass away, but the living treasures and hoards we acquire during it will last with us all eternity. (Isaiah 45:3).
Laughter from the valley 
OurLaughter that occasionally echoes in the valley of our troubles, disappointments, and Baca, in this life doubtless indicates and attests that he who is in us is greater than he who is in the world. (1 John 4:4).
An Eagle with the wings of a swallow
 All the time we try to manage our churches with the same methods and wisdom by which cultural institutes and academic organizations are run, then we are, in every way, like an eagle attempting to soar with the wings of a swallow.
A Space Shuttle of ice and snow
Except through Jesus' person and cross, any attempt to draw near to God and to enjoy his favor is no different from an attempt to invade the blazing sun in a Space Shuttle made of ice and snow!
Extent of Enjoyment
 The extent to which a saved person will enjoy the Lord and his glories is determined by the measure of his concessions and loyalty to the Master.
A fish out of water
 It is in vain that man tries to find meaning and purpose in life independent of God and his word. In doing so, he will be likened to a fish which triesfor nothing to survive in all environments outsidethe waters.
Mixed expectations
  When we mix ourexpectations of faith with those of our unreal desires, thereby the storm of a sharp crisis in our friendship with God is already on the way toward us.
Psychology and its allies
Unless it appreciates Christ's atoning blood and death, modern psychology and its allies can do nothing pertaining to deliverance from the guilt and penalty of sin. But they rather will increase the level of depression of the patients. Only Jesus bestows the perfect remedy for that with profound peace.
A male donkey and horses
Better a male donkey leads to the stronghold, than horses raising up the dust.
 If we... Our losses will be
If we could not see the hand of the Lord behind the very details of our lives and its incidents then our losses will be at least the following:
1-     Simply, the truth of what has occurred. For Fate, luck, and random chance are mythical.
2-    A plentiful reduction in and ease from the keenness of our painful trials.
3-    Triumph over the feelings of resentment and bitterness.
4-    The ability to enjoy meaningful and abundant life.
5-    The ability to forgive and release those who hurt us.
6-    Stronger friendship with God.
7-    The lustre of living with a cheerful and fruitful manner.
8-    The likelihood that we will live to our latent potential to the uttermost.
9-    Flexibility in dealings and pliability in personality.
10-    The state of inward contentment. 
Oh, taste and see that the Lord is gooood"( Psalm 34:8)