Linga’s site received a photo taken by a friend’s camera of a banner that was hung close to Al Jeeb Barrier that separates the two cities of Jerusalem and Ramallah. On the banner was an invitation from the Palestinian Liberation Party calling the Palestinian people to attend a conference under the motto: “The Caliphate is the heritage of the prophecy on which religion stands on.” The occasion of this conference was the anniversary of the demise of the Islamic caliphate.

Sheikh Issam Ameera belongs to this party, sheikh Issam is the address and teacher of Al Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem who taught a few weeks ago that the Caliphate is the keeper of religion and revolution, and we have broadcasted a video clip on linga showing what he was saying: “The idea of Muslims being kind and polite towards non-Muslims is invalid, including the peaceful ones. Muslims should call non-Muslims to adopt three traits: Converting to Islam, paying Al-Jizya (Tax) or fighting. They should seek God’s help in this. ”

The party held the conference on the 94th anniversary for the demise of the Caliphate which took place on the 3rd of March in 1924. The party also declared that on this date the biggest crime took place against the Muslims when the European countries led by Britian were able to end the Islamic Ottoman Caliphate.

The freedom which the Liberation Party is taking to spread its extreme opinions is causing moderate Christians and Muslims to fear; those who are looking for a dignified life away from political conflicts, especially that one of its Sheikhs is calling to fight Christians and non-Muslims.

From this platform we would like to convey a message to the Palestinian Authority and the Prime Minister, Mahmud Abbbas so that he and his government would not procrastinate in fighting Islamic radical thoughts. We are all aware where these thoughts can lead our people to in the Holy Land, taking in consideration that Christians and Muslims live together in mutual respect and peace in all areas of the West Bank. The fact that some media means aim to hide facts will not contribute to concealing the extremism that is spreading in the Palestinian territories.

If the authority does not face the radical Islam soon, it will contribute towards wearing the authority out and its perishing within the coming few years.