Nazareth's Life Agape was privileged to host pastors and servants of Christ who are studying at Israel ‎College of the Bible in Master's and Doctoral Programs for an exciting evening. The meeting began with ‎a welcome and prayer by Brother Sammer Botrus, Director of Life Agape, a student in the doctoral ‎program at the college, sharing with participants about the his ministry at Life Agape. Following him, Dr. ‎Erez Soref, President of the College, gave a word from Philippians 2 focusing on the importance of ‎preaching the Good News of the Gospel among Arabs and Jews, and thanked the staff of Life Agape ‎for their hospitality.‎

At the end of the evening, Brother Sammer Botrus announced the beginning of a new partnership ‎between the Israel College of the Bible and Life Agape in the field of media and ministry in the Arab ‎world and the Middle East, followed by a time of prayer by everyone.‎

It is worth mentioning that the ICB is one of the largest Bible Colleges/Seminaries in Israel and the Middle ‎East, with more than 200 students, including Israeli and Palestinian Arab Christian students, Jewish ‎believers in Jesus Christ and foreigners, in undergraduate programs, master's and doctoral degrees in ‎Bible studies, counseling, and Christian ministry.