The Catholic media agency Katpress mentioned in a report that new numbers of church members have abandoned the Austrian Catholic Church over the past year 2011, and the number who left the church more than 60,800 people.

These figures gave some hope for the Catholic Church in 2011 where it witnessed a sharp decline in the proportion of the abandoned church by almost 32% comparing with the previous year, which recorded the withdrawal of 580,960 people, as the largest number of migration from the Catholic Church since the Second World War.

Despite the continuing high level of the number of members leaving the Catholic Church in Austria over the years, the number of associates has remained relatively stable in 2011 as it reaches to 5.5 million people.

The media adviser to the Austrian Bishops Conference Paul Gotte said that the decline in the proportion of immigrants of the Church, prove that the Church is able to build confidence and trust among its citizens, especially after the concrete measures and clear words of the Conference of Bishops against sexual abuse in the church.